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Pony club

If you are a brand new rider or well established, you can trust Mill Lane Riding School to ensure your skills are both pushed and developed simultaneously, no matter what your age or ability is, we cater for everyone.


We welcome children from 5 to 14 years old and adults from 15 years and upwards


We also offer 1-2-1 horse riding lessons or group lessons depending on how you wish to be taught. Taking into account school times, Mill Lane Riding School also offer after school and weekend clubs too. For more information on our services take a look at our prices page.

Mill Lane Riding School offer a range of activities in Essex

During the school holidays Mill Lane Riding School offer you pony days on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9am - 2pm. Pony days are £50 per day.

Pony days

Mill Lane Riding School offer you a pony club. The basis of this is to teach you how to look after your ponies and horses, including tasks such as yard maintenance and mucking out. A great opportunity to teach the younger riders the responsibility and routines required with keeping a horse.


All activities are closely supervised by the Mill Lane Riding School team who will ensure safety at all times. Pony club is £90 per week, this includes after school and weekend clubs.

Pony club

Horse riding lessons

Activities include:

•  Grooming

•  Party games

•  Horse riding

•  Gymkhana

•  Rosettes

•  Stable management

Hacking out

At Mill Lanes Riding School we are lucky enough to have access to some lovely hacking sites in and around the local area, although a little road work is still required, it is all on sleepy country lanes which your fellow riders use and respect.


As your experience grows Mill Lanes Riding School have access to some private tracks, which are a slightly longer hack, and offer the opportunity to push your skills and complete some cross country and fence jumping. All hacking is supervised by our experienced team.

If you want to give them a birthday they won't forget. Mill Lane Riding School will cater for parties from 6 children up. For a small party the average time is 2 hours long, however naturally the time increases with the size of your party.

Prices vary depending on requirements, however to help give you an idea for budgeting, on average £40 per person. Call us for more information.

Birthday parties

Summer activities

During the summer we have a large range of seasonal events for a wide range of individuals and skill levels. If you are interested please don't hesitate to get in touch to see what we are offering this week.

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Whether you’re new or seasoned, Mill Lane Riding School of Essex have an experienced team of riders who are all keen to pass on their knowledge in a safe professional manner. Call us for more information on

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